Black Rook


The Server and the Client are complete, although always needs to add several more things, it is possible to use it without problems. These are the current images of the Administrator Client for the terminal:


These are the current characteristics of the Server and Client:
𐃏 Login/Register of User
𐃏 Account of User
𐃏 Permissions
𐃏 Control of Modules
𐃏 2 Modules (Chat and Games)
𐃏 Chat
𐃏 Channels of Chat
𐃏 more of 10 games
𐃏 Format of text (Colours)
𐃏 Terminal
𐃏 Code ASCII - CP437
𐃏 Viewer of contents multiline
𐃏 Private message to the admins
𐃏 Tabs


Here a horrible and ugly little sleeve to entertain, I did it in a manga attempt to be able to practice a little drawing based on one of my old stories (🠨🠨 Sense of reading Japanese 🠨🠨): week 1 - (eng) - 25/8/2018
If you want to know the continuation of this story, donate and let me know through Patreon.

The Patreon is the only means of communication with users, since it has to comment on blog-style messages.


Patreon site.
Group of Google.
YouTube Videos.
IRC: irc.freenode.net - #BlackRook


Do you want to know about me? I am a professional, expert and talented (BRAGGAAAART!!) programmer and artist of retro/indies video games. I'm a beast programming, graphics, sounds, music, stories, animations, etc ... I have many knowledge of the most varied in computer science and art (like drawings, I love it! Although in recovery process to be more than 4 years working and without drawing.), except English, English kills me!!...